Mission Statement

We offer a professional service to our clients.  We want to make the whole process as easy and smooth as possible for you.

 We aim to impress and delight you with the speed we do the work, the service we provide to you and the value for money we give you.

1.Speed- we deal with things quickly. 

We aim to deal with paperwork quickly.

If you are buying a property we will examine contracts and title documents, raise any pre contract queries and notify you that we have done so within 48 hours of receiving them because quick turnarounds will save you time and money. If you are selling a property we will prepare contracts and supporting documents and send them to the buyers solicitors within 48 hours of receiving title documents from yourself or your lender as this will increase your chances of a quick and successful sale.

2. Service – the mark of a professional

We believe that you are entitled to professional advice and a friendly and efficient service. It also means regular updates on your file so you always know what is going on.  We pledge to be meticulous and thorough in the work we do so you can have complete faith in our work.

We recognise that it can be hard for people to get in to see their solicitors during the day because of work or family commitments. We will make it easy for you to come in to sign documents or to discuss matters by being flexible in our opening hours and arranging appointments to suit you.

3. Fees – a professional service at a reasonable rate

We aim to be transparent about costs from the start of the transaction, to itemise the costs and to keep you fully informed of any extra costs as soon as we are aware of them which means you will always know what you are paying for. We will also provide you with a statement of account once the matter is completed so you will have a detailed record of the transaction.